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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions of Applicants


Am I suitable to apply?

You are suitable to apply if you fulfill the following 3 conditions:

  1. High motivation for studying and completing the program! You are aware of the Study Regulations, and requirement of spending up to one year abroad at a partner University. You are prepared to finance the time abroad and any associated study fees.
  2. A first university degree in a study program in economics, social sciences, engineering sciences, natural sciences or a related study program.
  3. Applicants whose mother tongue is not English and who gained their first university degree in a study program not held in English at the C1 level (or higher) must provide proof of their proficiency in English at the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Is there a numerus clausus?

No, there is no numerus clausus since there are two selection criteria (see below). However, the application process is very competitive.

You may check the past selection statistics here.

What are the selection criteria?

The grade from previous study program counts 60% of the selection criteria. Subject-related knowledge acquired in the previous study program amounts 40% within the selection criteria. These courses comprise subjects in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation management, mathematics, statistics and sustainability. Please note that for obtaining ranking points each field has to amount at least 6 ECTS.

For more information read the admission regulation section 5 and 6.


Is the Master completely held in English?

All classes are hold in English and all assignments must be accomplished in English. Therefore, English knowledge is required and needs to be proven.

How can I prove my English?

Please enclose relevant certificates (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, UniCert etc.) showing an English proficiency level equivalent to at least C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If your first undergraduate degree was held completely in English hand in a proof for that. (Any remark on the Bachelor's degree is sufficient.)

How old can my language certificate be?

Usually it must be no older than 2 years. But for this Master certificates that are no older than 4 years, at the day of the deadline, will be accepted as well.

Is a proof of German language skills demanded?

You don't need any proofs for that, when you are applying for the IMES Master's program. Nonetheless it is recommended to have basic knowledges in German to open up more possibilities during your studies, to get to know the culture and also to make everyday's life easier. But usually most Germans are able to speak and understand English. 

Certificates and Documents

What kind of documents/certificates do I need for the application?

Please find such information here.


Country Specific Requirements

Not all, but some countries have country specific requirements for academic qualifications. Read more here to see if your country has any special instructions or requirements.



Do I need to provide a GMAT?

No, a GMAT will not be considered for an application! It will have no effect on your selection neither can you proof your English proficiency with it.

I am already studying in another Master program at TU Berlin - can I apply for IMES directly at TU Berlin?

This depends on where you have passed your primary university degree. If you did it at TU Berlin or any other Germany University, you can apply directly. If not, you need to apply via uni-assist.

German University Graduates: more information can be found here.

International Applicants: more information can be found here.

Can I apply prior to the completion of my Bachelor's degree?

The application may be submitted prior to the completion of a Bachelor’s degree. Please follow the guidelines of the Registration Office.

Application process

How can I apply?

You need to apply online via uni-assist. Please follow the application instructions.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for the winter intake is usually 15th May. For current information about the application deadline please regularly visit our website.

When does the application procedure start?

The application phase usually opens for the next winter semester intake by early March. Please regularly track the website regarding the application start announcement.

Is it possible to start the Master in summer term?

No, you can only start the master program at TU-Berlin in the winter term. If you want to start in the summer term you can apply at University of Twente for the Master in business administration and then apply from there for the Double Degree program with Berlin. In the past all students applying from Twente were accepted.

When do I get my result?

Usually, the results are send out in August. We are working on a quicker process.

Where can I check my application status?

You can check it online here. Insert your application number and your birth date. Unfortunately there is no English version, so you need to use a translator to get along.

What is the meaning of J or N in the status at uni-assist?

As long as you haven't received an official letter via mail those information are only indications and no formal confirmation or rejection. A letter without a date has no relevance and can change.

"J" with a date indicates, that you've got accepted. "N" with a date is a rejection.

Partner Universities

When do I need to apply for the partner universities?

You will apply for the partner universities of the double degree during your studies. 

Can I apply directly at a partner university for the program?

When you wish to start in Twente in summer semester, see here for further information or contact  or

When you wish to start in Warsaw in winter semester, see here for further information or contact Małgorzata Chromy ().



Is it possible to only study in Berlin?

Each student has to complete at least 30 ECTS abroad. You can also chose a university besides Warsaw, Twente and Moscow. However, in this case you have to organize your stay abroad and arrange everything with the examination board on your own.

Do I have to write my Master thesis at the partner university?

It depends on your choice of the partner university. If you decide to go to Twente, Warsaw or Mos­cow for a double degree, you have to write your master’s thesis at the university abroad. You will have two supervisors, one from the TU-Berlin and one at the part­ner university. If you decide to go abroad as an Erasmus student, you will write your thesis in Berlin.

Which degrees will I get after graduating?

You will get the academic degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, & Sustainability for the TU Berlin and the relevant double degree partner university degree: for example: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Business Administration at the University of Twente, Master in Management (Magister) at the Warsaw School of Economics, or Master in Governance, Technology and Innovation in Moscow after upon successful completion.

Cost, Fees and Scholarships

What are the fees for the Master?

TU-Berlin only charges a semester fee of ca. € 307 per term including a semester ticket for the public transport.

The University of Twente charges an annual tuition fees: Students with EU/EEA nationalities and others who qualify for Dutch government study grants pay subsidized tuition fees, which are annually fixed by the state. For the 2020/2021 academic year these are € 2,168 per year. All other students have to pay full fees about € 12,250 per year. However, tuition "Halving" is available for many students -- more information on the requirements here.

There are no tuition fees at the other partner universities. Further information you can find here.

Do I need to pay for the application via uni-assist?

Yes, Applicants applying via Uni-Assist must pay a service fee of 75 EUR.

What are the VISA expenses?

Please contact the International Office for all VISA related questions. Find more information here.

Will there be any scholarships available?

TU-Berlin does not pro­vide scholarships to students of IMES. However, scholarships are available through different organizations (DAAD, Mum­mert Stiftung, Haniel Stiftung, Deutschlandstipendium etc.).
You can also search for suitable scholarships in the database of DAAD. 

I got accepted and now?

Where can I live in Berlin?

The International Office can help you with finding an accommodation in Berlin. Moreover, Berlin offers you many possibilities of a cheap living. In the internet there are many platforms for finding shared apartments, e.g. www.wg-gesucht.de.

Any tips where to go and what to do in Berlin?

Tip #1: Prices for a room in a shared flat can be found between 300 and 400 Euro. Mind also areas closer to the university like Moabit or Wedding for lower prices.

Tip #2: Use bikes or scooters. Why? Because you will experience the city completely differently and you will find hidden spots on your way. There is no "Call a bike" anymore, but similiar offers like nextbike. Berlin is fast changing. A new trend is to rent cheap electrical scooters with emmy or coup. You can also easily buy a used bike for less then 100€.

Tip #3: When you drive with public transportation, don't forget to have besides your student card your printed certificate of enrollment with you. It will be sent to you via mail. Digital copies on your phone won't be accepted and they control especially at the beginning of the semester.

Your question is still not answered?

In case you have more during and after studies related questions check also the FAQ section for current students. In case you have questions regarding visa and enrollment, please contact . If you have read the website carefully and your question is not answered yet, we are looking forward to help you. Write an Email to

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