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There are several scholarships for students going from a German university to another country. The following is giving an overview with some deadlines. Please note that the deadlines might change.

September 30: DAAD Graduate's Scholarship (North, West, South Europe)

800 - 950 € per month

November 1: DAAD Graduate's Scholarship (Russia and CIS)

800 - 950 € per month

December 1. DAAD Graduate's Scholarship (Central and East Europe)

800 - 950 € per month

January 5th: ERASMUS+ (Europe)

You will receive between 150 and 300 € per month for an exchange at an European partner universities. Erasmus is only possible at partner universities of the faculty of management for Msc. There are no tuition fees at the partner universities. Generally it is quite easy to receive and you can especially apply for it, when you want to receive a single degree.

March 15: German Academic Scholarship Foundation (East Europe, Russia)

Around 1300 € per month + up to 2000 € one time.  Very competitive scholarship, but not very well known.

April: Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (BAföG)

BAföG is supporting mainly German students from low income families and the half of the money has to be paid back on a long term basis. But when going abroad it is also interesting for students with higher income parents, due to the higher financial aids. It is recommended to apply for BAföG 6 month before studying abroad to get a funding from the beginning on, but you can apply at any time.

According to Section 8 of the Act, foreign students may apply for financial support for educational and training purposes, provided that (among other things)

  • they were employed in the Federal Republic of Germany during the last five years prior to the beginning of the program in question; or
  • at least one parent was employed for at least 3 years in the Federal Republic of Germany during the last six years prior to the beginning of the program in question; or
  • they have their main residence in the FRG, are parents or the spouse is a German citizen; or
  • they were citizens of EU or EEC member states and employed in an area connected with the program in question before beginning the program; or
  • they have an officially acknowledged status as an asylum-seeker, a quota refugee or a Convention refugee, or enjoy protection from deportation.

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April 30: Promos (Outside of Europe)

300 € for 3 months

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May 26: GO EAST Scholarship (Russia)

Is issued by the university

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