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Module Overview

This is an overview of the modules offered in the IMES Master.* 30 Credits should be earned by the students per semester. (More or less credits are also possible.)

In total students have to achieve during their studies at TU Berlin at least 6 Credits from each field of 1. Innovation, 2. Entrepreneurship and 3. Sustainability.

You will usually receive course enrolment information in your first lecture. For those lectures, that are exceptions and need an application, the deadlines are listed in front of the course name.

Current schedule for the summer term 2019

Winter semester 2018/19
Innovation Economics (Mandatory, 6 CP)
Venture Campus (Mandatory, 12 CP)
IP Management (Innovation, 6 CP)
Open Source and IP in the Digital Society (Innovation, 6 CP)
Prototyping Eco-Innovation (Entrepreneurship or Sustainability, 6 CP)
Sustainable Innovation (Sustainability or Innovation, 6 CP)
Lecture series: Digital Future (Innovation, 3 CP)
Sustainable Management Control (Sustainability, 6 CP)
Business Research Methods (Innovation, 6 CP)
Designing Future Cities (Innovation, 6 CP)
Multinational Corporations and Corporate Control (Sustainability, 6 CP)
Strategic Project Management III (Entrepreneurship, 6 CP)
Between terms: Innovationswerkstatt - only in German (Innovation, 6 CP)
Summer semester 2019
Crisis Management meets Consulting (Entrepreneurship, 6 CP)
Designing Your Happy Life (Entrepreneurship, 6 CP)
Digital Innovation (Innovation, 6 CP)
Entrepreneurship Research (Mandatory, 6 CP)
Fundamentals of Project Management (Innovation or Entrepreneurship, 6 CP)
Innovation Management - Advanced Research (Innovation, 6 CP)
Innovation Management - Process and Actors (Innovation, 6 CP)
Innovation Marketing (Innovation, 6 CP)
Innovation Policy (Innovation, 6 CP)
Innovation Workshop (Innovation, 6 CP)
International Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship, 6 CP)
Life Science Venturing (Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability 6 CP)
Managing innovative projects (Innovations, 6 CP)
Strategic Management (Mandatory, 6 CP)
Strategic Project Management and Agile Organization (Innovation or Entrepreneurship, 6 CP)
Strategic Standardization and Platform Management (Innovation, 6 CP)
Sustainable Diets at HUWISU Summer School ‚Äč (Sustainability, 5 CP) 
Sustainable Growth (6 ECTS, Sustainability)
Sustainable Management and Sustainable Competitive Advantages (Sustainability, 6 CP)
Technology Management (Innovation, 12 CP)
Venture Campus (Mandatory, 12 CP)

Study and examination regulations for further information on the course structure.

* Some of the courses are exemplary as they are not offered every year.



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